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Brand new Moonshot bats announced: K12, C-FLeX, and FLeX

Moonshot is pleased to announce their newest bats for Wiffle® balls and Blitzballs. Find out more about Moonshot's newest bats: K12, C-FLeX, and FLeX.
C-FLex Wiffle Ball Bat

Moonshot KSCX Rev2 Bat Review by SAHDWiffle

The guys over at SAHDWiffle did a review of the newest KSCX Rev2. Here is what they had to say.

In a word, wow. This bat has swept me off of my feet. The feel, the ability to drive the ball, the pop, the speed through the zone, the balance...hold on, I can't breathe.

Okay, I'm back. This bat is flat out phenomenal, and here's why. I go into a bat review with just about any bat with preconceived notions which often get proven true when testing the bat. For example, with the Nerf bat, without seeing it, I figured it would be solid, but have a seriously toy feel; that it probably could be recommended, but wouldn't necessarily be the best bat in the world. What's amazing about the KSCX Rev2 is that I went into the review thinking, "it will never live up to its $200 price tag." It did. Boy, did it ever!

This bat took my thinking and kicked it to the curb. Somehow, the Rev2 convinced me that $200 wasn't much for what you were getting with this bat. I like it significantly better than any other bat I've swung with Wiffle® balls. And with Blitzballs, forget about it, there isn't a better combo out there.

I hate myself for saying this, but really, honestly, you may want to save your pennies and mow a few more lawns this summer, because this bat is THAT GOOD. Forget about any other bat we've reviewed...even the first KSCX Revolution, I don't even want to keep trying new bats, time to take a break and try to wrap my head around this thing. Goodness gracious. Well done, Moonshot. Well done.

Moonshot STiK Magma and VRX+ Bat Review

The commissioner of NEAWL did a review of our newest STiK bats. Here is what he had to say.

Being one of the only fast pitch, skinny bat leagues I know of, the NEAWL is very particular about what they bring to the batter's box. The league has been fortunate enough to swing all bats in the Stik line up and have put them through extensive testing. There is no substitute for a Stik in general, literally nothing else on the market compares.

That being said the two new members of the Stik family improve upon the already strong foundation of the first generations. While the Magma is the pinnacle of the skinny bat world its little brother, the VRX+, is also way ahead of the game. Both bats have a huge sweet spot, limiting a pitchers ability to choke you up and allowing you to send ball's into the grand stands almost at will.

Bat speed is essential when fighting of 65 mph + junk and neither of these bats disappoint. While these bats can crush balls and seem to have no drag going through the zone, my favorite thing about them is the drastic decrease in "dead duck" balls we have seen since switching over. A "dead duck" is a power batters worst nightmare, watching a perfectly hit ball crumble and stay dented through its flight. Nothing turns a homerun into a routine pop up quite like this phenomena. I have seen only a handful of dented balls throughout an entire season compared to the usual handful per night after switching to Magma's and VRX + bats.

With more and more leagues and tournaments allowing scuffing and cutting you need a bat that allows a firm hit without collapsing a ball, both of these bats fit the bill perfectly.

~Jon Anderson

For over a decade we have been in the business of creating the greatest bats for wiffle® balls in the world. Whether you are playing in the backyard with your family, in a slow/medium pitch league or tourney or if your playing in competitive money leagues we have the perfect stick for you. Each Moonshot Wiffle® bat is hand crafted in the U.S.A. and made to your specs when you order it.

We have done extensive testing to create bats that send every feeble offering from the mound to the moon. We do this with materials like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Spectra, nyglass and elastic fiberglass. These materials allow us to create a very thin, dynamic barrel wall (1/16") that is a springboard for wiffle® balls and will not implode the ball (Moonshot Bats should only be used with the baseball size wiffle® ball manufactured by Wiffle inc.). With optimum weight distribution our bats swing like a real baseball bat but only weigh 9-13oz. They also come in a variety of colors and lengths and look amazing!

Put Moonshot's Wiffle® bats to the test with our 30 day $$$ back guarantee! With our new T45 Technology our bats are the best they have ever been and now come with a limited one year warranty!

What's New from Moonshot Bats

Lizard Skins

All Moonshot bats are now made with Lizard Skins Bat Grip. This provides a soft, non-slip grip that helps keep your hands comfortable no matter how long you play. It also comes in 26 different colors so you can further customize your Moonshot and create your perfect Wiffleball bat!


Making a Blitzball bat that is light yet durable/thick enough for blitzballs and other "heavier" balls has been difficult. It's taken over two years to find the right combination of materials. This beauty is made of Carbon Fiber, Synthex and Spectra. K12 is in reference to the thickness of carbon used. It's twice as thick as the carbon used in our wiffleball bats. This and the use of our new synthex material was the key to success. We've developed a bat that swings great, has great pop and is durable. We offer the same one year warranty on this bat as our wiffleball bats. Enjoy!


This could be the greatest bat for wiffleballs we've ever made. It's ridiculously light and quick through the zone. The C-FLeX and The FLeX are very similar. Both are made of Synthex which has amazing flexibility and strength. The C-FLeX has a core of thin carbon, which stiffens it up a bit between the hands and the barrel. The barrel itself is also stiffer. It has amazing pop and durabiity. If you are playing competitive fast pitch this is probably the bat for you mainly because of the overall weight and speed through the zone. You can get all the advantages of the C-FLeX bat in our REV2, Revolution, Enforcer, and STiK bat styles.


Many of the individuals that tested this bat compared to other Moonshot Bats stated this is the greatest bat ever! This bat is made entirely of Synthex, which is a flexible but strong material. It's slightly heavier than the C-FLeX which led some testers to lean toward the C-FLeX for competitive fast pitch. Others still feel like this bat is the best ever. The power in this bat is effortless. We recommend getting the C-FLeX and The FLeX to counter any pitcher. Advantage you! The FLeX bat comes in our REV2, Revolution, Enforcer, and STiK bat styles.


The Moonshot MAGMA is the latest and greatest from Moonshot. We've taken the melted basalt technology used in Wilson tennis rackets and applied it to our REV2, Revolution, and STiK models. This new technology provides more feedback for the player when they make contact... similar to a wooden bat in baseball. It also provides more POP. This really stood out to our performance testers. This improved performance can be attributed to the material itself in the barrel. It can also be attributed to WHIP created by the FLEX between the hands and the head of the bat. You will strike fear in the pitcher's eyes when you combine the speed of the REV2 with the material of the MAGMA. Comes in a variety of colors.

T45 Technology


Tornado 45 (T45) technology is a load similar to a flexible, layered, coil that tightly crosses fibers at a 45 degree angle along the entire length of the bat. The Kscx and SCX models have a thin rigid carbon fiber inner core which runs vertical, while the next two layers of kevlar and spectra are tightly wound like a tornado in opposite directions at roughly a 45 degree angle. This creates an amazing spring effect like a trampoline as well as enhanced durability. In the past all materials ran vertical along the length of the bat.

For the EFX and STiK models elastic fiberglass is used to the same effect. With this new T45 technology comes a one year warranty.

Our Warranty

One year warranty on all of Moonshot's Wiffle® bats.


Moonshot now offers free standard shipping on all orders.

And more coming soon...

Keep watching for new products. Batting bags, shirts, hats, and other apparel are on their way!

I've used all kinds of wiffle® ball bats by far the Moonshot bats are the best. This bat will get you through the strike zone quicker then any other bat on the market. the Moonshot bats will turn you into the deadliest hitter on your team, and will make the pitcher respect you at the plate.

~Anthony DiDio - D-backs