Moonshot is proud to announce the
CFleX, FleX, and K12


C-FLex Wiffle Ball Bat

The C-FLeX could be the greatest bat for Wiffle® balls we've ever made.

It's ridiculously light and quick through the zone. The C-FLeX and The FLeX are very similar. Both are made of Synthex which has amazing flexibility and strength. The C-FLeX has a core of thin carbon, which stiffens it up a bit between the hands and the barrel. The barrel itself is also stiffer. It has amazing pop and durabiity. If you are playing competitive fast pitch this is probably the bat for you mainly because of the overall weight and speed through the zone. You can get all the advantages of the C-FLeX bat in our REV2, Revolution, Enforcer, and STiK bat styles.

The Flex and C-Flex are absolute world beaters in the high-end Wiffs bat industry. I've never swung a bat as light as the C-Flex, that still has the durability to mash lasers off the hardest throwers in the league. 90+? No problem with this thing. The extra-thin handle is the icing on the cake that makes this Moonshot design a must have if you're serious about wiffs.

If youre going up against a guy throwing average speed, the Flex has a little more weight to stay back on the slower stuff. These 2 designs will keep you raking people off the field, all season.

~Gerard Fitzgerald


FLex Wiffle Ball Bat

Many of the individuals that tested this bat compared to other Moonshot Bats stated this is the greatest bat ever! This bat is made entirely of Synthex, which is a flexible but strong material. It's slightly heavier than the C-FLeX which led some testers to lean toward the C-FLeX for competitive fast pitch. Others still feel like this bat is the best ever. The power in this bat is effortless. We recommend getting the C-FLeX and The FLeX to counter any pitcher. Advantage you! The FLeX bat comes in our REV2, Revolution, Enforcer, and STiK bat styles.

You pick up this bat (The FLeX) and feel like you will never lose a game of WIFFLE ball again! The feel, the swing, the grip (we officially love Lizard Skins), the weight (this is by far the lightest bat we've ever had our hands on)... everything about this bat is perfect. We've had to opportunity of using Moonshot Bats in the past and have never been disappointed. Well, they did it again because we feel as though this is their best yet!

With this bat in your hands, you automatically have the upper hand against pitchers and other teams (unless of course they have The FLeX as well). It'll definitely be hard for Moonshot to top this bat, but we cannot wait to see what's in store next!

~Adam Milsted

After having tried almost every model of the STiK, I have to say, The Flex takes the cake, by a mile. This bat flies through the zone better than every other bat, which I didn't even think was possible as all of the other ones already are extremely quick through the zone. Barrel is extremely well constructed, and balls come off it so quick that you wouldn't believe. I have had balls that when I make contact with them, they feel like they are infield pop ups, but end up going over the fence. The pop is absolutely insane. I can happily say with the quickness and level swing I get with this bat, I have about doubled my stats. Moonshot, I don't know how you do it, but somehow you continue to make your bats even better. I can say with firm belief, this is the bat for all competitive medium pitch players.

~Ben Stant


Making a Blitzball bat that is light yet durable/thick enough for blitzballs and other "heavier" balls has been difficult.

It's taken over two years to find the right combination of materials for a perfect Blitzball bat. This beauty is made of Carbon Fiber, Synthex and Spectra. K12 is in reference to the thickness of carbon used. It's twice as thick as the carbon used in our wiffleball bats. This and the use of our new synthex material was the key to success. We've developed a bat that swings great, has great pop and is durable. We offer the same one year warranty on this bat as our Wiffle® ball bats. Enjoy!