The STiK Bats for Wiffle® Ball

The STiK is easily the greatest slow-medium pitch bat for Wiffle® Ball in the world. Nothing compares! This bat was created for players that are required to use a thin barrel, similar to the yellow plastic bat made by Wiffle, Inc. The STiK is available in the K12, CFleX, FleX, Magma, VRX+, VRX, BAX, and the original STiK.

The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK
$ 144.99

Being one of the only fast pitch, skinny bat leagues I know of, the NEAWL is very particular about what they bring to the batter's box. The league has been fortunate enough to swing all bats in the Stik line up and have put them through extensive testing. There is no substitute for a Stik in general, literally nothing else on the market compares.

That being said the two new members of the Stik family improve upon the already strong foundation of the first generations. While the Magma is the pinnacle of the skinny bat world its little brother, the VRX+, is also way ahead of the game. Both bats have a huge sweet spot, limiting a pitchers ability to choke you up and allowing you to send ball's into the grand stands almost at will.

Bat speed is essential when fighting of 65 mph + junk and neither of these bats disappoint. While these bats can crush balls and seem to have no drag going through the zone, my favorite thing about them is the drastic decrease in "dead duck" balls we have seen since switching over. A "dead duck" is a power batters worst nightmare, watching a perfectly hit ball crumble and stay dented through its flight. Nothing turns a homerun into a routine pop up quite like this phenomena. I have seen only a handful of dented balls throughout an entire season compared to the usual handful per night after switching to Magma's and VRX + bats.

With more and more leagues and tournaments allowing scuffing and cutting you need a bat that allows a firm hit without collapsing a ball, both of these bats fit the bill perfectly.

~Jon Anderson
Commissioner of NEAWL