Moonshot Wiffle® Ball Bats

I have been a big fan of Moonshot's STiK since it hit the market and recently had the chance to test their newest model the VRX. After winning our 3rd Medium Pitch National Championship, in part thanks to this bat, I can say confidently it will be our bat of choice moving forward. The VRX is extremely well balanced and has minimal drag through the strike zone. The ball simply jumps off the barrel, even mishits become HRs as the new material used in the design has simply enhanced the bats POP! If you have purchased a STiK in the past you have a great bat, but if you care about competing at the highest of levels then you will be glad you upgraded to the VRX.

~Papa DOOM - MA Throwbacks

The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK