Bat Comparison Chart

This chart is provided by SAHDWiffle and current charts can be found on their bat chart page.

Bat NameLengthPop (out of 10)Distance (out of 10)Handle/Grip/Feel (out of 10)Total Score (out of 30)
Moonshot KSCX Rev235", 35.5", 36"1091029
Moonshot KSCX35", 35.5", 36"1081028
Blitzball Bat33"87924
Louisville Slugger C271 (Ken Griffey Jr. Bat)33"87924
Palisades Wiffle - GTSOH34, 35, or 36"87823
Easton Pro Stix 100033"87823
Nerf Swerve32"87823
Ripken Quickbat30"98623
Junk Ball (Standard Bat)32"87622
Marucci Wiffle Stick32" but custom sizing is allowed.751022
Big Jack Bat30"87419
MLB Powerhouse Grey Bat34"67518
Original Yellow Wiffle Bat32"65617
Junk Ball Revolution32"55414
MLB Slurve Bat32"44514
Classic Sports Sandlot Stick30"53210