Testimonials - Moonshot Bats

Experiences of Great Wiffle® Ball Players

This offseason I purchased another moonshot bat...and wow, has it paid off. The feel of hitting a homerun with a Moonshot is truly special. Between the weight, dimensions, look, and overall performance, this is THE BEST BAT on the market, hands down. You are not a touring pro if you don't already have or intend to purchase a 2.75 Rev right now!

- Connor "Soup" Young

It goes without saying that Moonshot is one of the top bats in the game right now. I had the opportunity to get my hands on the EFX version this fast pitch season.

It certainly didn’t disappoint!! It was easily my best year at the plate and the EFX played a major role. Let’s just say, Dinger City.

Some people may not like the weight of this bat (because its definitely heavier than most WIFFLE bats), but I loved it. Made my swing feel more natural. Kept me to my baseball roots. I felt more balanced at the plate than I have in a while and although it has that extra weight, my hands were quicker than ever.

With all the bat options out there, the only one I used this season was the EFX. It legit, is my new go to bat. It reminds me of the old Nerf bats you can’t find anymore. Maybe its because of the color, but regardless, this bat will definitely help your game.

Not only is the EFX my new go to bat, but it’s one of the cheaper Moonshot options too! If you really want a Moonshot and don’t have a ton of money to spend, go with this bat. Like I said earlier, it won’t disappoint. Don’t look past the EFX when you’re making your next WIFFLE purchase.

- Adam Milsted

The Flex and C_Flex are absolute world beaters in the high-end Wiffs bat industry. I've never swung a bat as light as the C-Flex, that still has the durability to mash lasers off the hardest throwers in the league. 90+? No problem with this thing. The extra-thin handle is the icing on the cake that makes this Moonshot design a must have if you're serious about wiffs.

If youre going up against a guy throwing average speed, the Flex has a little more weight to stay back on the slower stuff. These 2 designs will keep you raking people off the field, all season.

- Gerard Fitzgerald
2015 Palisades WBL Playoff MVP

No other bat on the market gets through the zone as smooth and efficient as moonshots do. I can accredit various championships to the world class technology that goes into a moonshot bat.

- Jordan Robles
2015 Palisades Wiffleball League Champ

You pick up this bat (The FLeX) and feel like you will never lose a game of WIFFLE ball again! The feel, the swing, the grip (we officially love Lizard Skins), the weight (this is by far the lightest bat we've ever had our hands on)... everything about this bat is perfect. We've had to opportunity of using Moonshot Bats in the past and have never been disappointed. Well, they did it again because we feel as though this is their best yet!

With this bat in your hands, you automatically have the upper hand against pitchers and other teams (unless of course they have The FLeX as well). It'll definitely be hard for Moonshot to top this bat, but we cannot wait to see what's in store next!

- Adam Milsted

After having tried almost every model of the STiK, I have to say, The Flex takes the cake, by a mile. This bat flies through the zone better than every other bat, which I didn’t even think was possible as all of the other ones already are extremely quick through the zone. Barrel is extremely well constructed, and balls come off it so quick that you wouldn’t believe. I have had balls that when I make contact with them, they feel like they are infield pop ups, but end up going over the fence. The pop is absolutely insane. I can happily say with the quickness and level swing I get with this bat, I have about doubled my stats. Moonshot, I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you continue to make your bats even better. I can say with firm belief, this is the bat for all competitive medium pitch players.

- Ben Stant

Being one of the only fast pitch, skinny bat leagues I know of, the NEAWL is very particular about what they bring to the batter's box. The league has been fortunate enough to swing all bats in the Stik line up and have put them through extensive testing. There is no substitute for a Stik in general, literally nothing else on the market compares.

That being said the two new members of the Stik family improve upon the already strong foundation of the first generations. While the Magma is the pinnacle of the skinny bat world its little brother, the VRX+, is also way ahead of the game. Both bats have a huge sweet spot, limiting a pitchers ability to choke you up and allowing you to send ball's into the grand stands almost at will.

Bat speed is essential when fighting of 65 mph + junk and neither of these bats disappoint. While these bats can crush balls and seem to have no drag going through the zone, my favorite thing about them is the drastic decrease in "dead duck" balls we have seen since switching over. A "dead duck" is a power batters worst nightmare, watching a perfectly hit ball crumble and stay dented through its flight. Nothing turns a homerun into a routine pop up quite like this phenomena. I have seen only a handful of dented balls throughout an entire season compared to the usual handful per night after switching to Magma's and VRX + bats.

With more and more leagues and tournaments allowing scuffing and cutting you need a bat that allows a firm hit without collapsing a ball, both of these bats fit the bill perfectly.

- Jon Anderson
Commissioner of NEAWL
Manager of the Nashoba Valley Sasquatch

As usual, Moonshot has outdone themselves yet again with their newest offering: MAGMA. Modeled after what has seen success in the past, MAGMA takes all of these things and adds a new twist. a layer of volcanic material to give the bat greater rigidity and pop. The first thing you'll notice when you grab this bat is the hallmark-silky-smooth swing through the zone. There's no flutter or drag. All things you look for and expect from Moonshot. Once you make contact with the holey ball, though, the NEXT thing you'll notice is the ridiculous POP. I've swung several Moonshot bats throughout my Wiffle career, but this was entirely different. MAGMA looks like your typical Moonshot, and feels like a typical Moonshot. but it hits like a rocket launcher! Even just hitting soft tosses and swinging to get loose, you'll find yourself inadvertently smoking balls to the gap and over the fence. My first batting practice with MAGMA had me genuinely saying 'Wow'. There's THAT much of a difference. In the past, Moonshot has boasted that they offered the best Wiffle Bat on the market. MAGMA is again allowing them to continue that claim. This is THE DEFINITVE Fast Pitch bat for the competitive Wiffler.

- Dan Erhardt
NY Spades

I've been using the Moonshot Stik for years now. Unfortunately, our bat was smashed against the strike zone and I had to get a new one. When ordering, I thought I was getting the traditional STIK, but I received the BAX they just rolled out. I loved it the first time I swung it. The bat swings through the zone real easy. There's some weight added to it, but it doesn't seem to slow your bat speed down at all. The balls jumps off it. I'd highly recommend this bat to anyone that plays slow or medium pitch wiffle. There's nothing else out there that's even close to the quality of this thing.

- Dave Fisher

I have been a big fan of Moonshot's STiK since it hit the market and recently had the chance to test their newest model the VRX. After winning our 3rd Medium Pitch National Championship, in part thanks to this bat, I can say confidently it will be our bat of choice moving forward. The VRX is extremely well balanced and has minimal drag through the strike zone. The ball simply jumps off the barrel, even mishits become HRs as the new material used in the design has simply enhanced the bats POP! If you have purchased a STiK in the past you have a great bat, but if you care about competing at the highest of levels then you will be glad you upgraded to the VRX.

- Adam Trotta
Papa DOOM - MA Throwbacks
GSWL National Champions 2011-13

In a word, wow. This bat has swept me off of my feet. The feel, the ability to drive the ball, the pop, the speed through the zone, the balance...hold on, I can't breathe.

Okay, I'm back. This bat is flat out phenomenal, and here's why. I go into a bat review with just about any bat with preconceived notions which often get proven true when testing the bat. For example, with the Nerf bat, without seeing it, I figured it would be solid, but have a seriously toy feel; that it probably could be recommended, but wouldn't necessarily be the best bat in the world. What's amazing about the KSCX Rev2 is that I went into the review thinking, "it will never live up to its $200 price tag." It did. Boy, did it ever!

This bat took my thinking and kicked it to the curb. Somehow, the Rev2 convinced me that $200 wasn't much for what you were getting with this bat. I like it significantly better than any other bat I've swung with Wiffle® balls. And with Blitzballs, forget about it, there isn't a better combo out there.

I hate myself for saying this, but really, honestly, you may want to save your pennies and mow a few more lawns this summer, because this bat is THAT GOOD. Forget about any other bat we've reviewed...even the first KSCX Revolution, I don't even want to keep trying new bats, time to take a break and try to wrap my head around this thing. Goodness gracious. Well done, Moonshot. Well done.

- SAHDWiffle

I have been swinging a Moonshot for the last four years and I have never worried about it coming apart, getting soft, or going out of round. But hey, you don't have to believe what I say, all you have to do is show up to the National Championships to see what I am talking about.

- Mickey Hyde
2005 Fast Plastic National Champions

The 2.75" SCX Revolution is the Cadillac of Wiffle® ball bats. It looks great, comes with leather (the grip), and the performance is worth every penny. The weight distribution is as good as it gets. The best feature of this bat is the feel. When you hit home runs (and you will) you're gonna feel it. It's a good feeling.

- Seth Friedrich

This new Moonshot bat is definitely the best bat on the market. One swing with this bat and you're never going to be able to use another bat. When using a Moonshot, the swing is so fluid through the zone. There is no drag from the barrel, like other bats. Also when you hit the wiffle® ball, just like a baseball bat, if you really hit it in the sweetspot of the bat you don't feel a thing and all you see is the ball heading for the moon.

- Carlos Rodriquez

I've used all kinds of wiffle® ball bats by far the Moonshot bats are the best. This bat will get you through the strike zone quicker then any other bat on the market. the Moonshot bats will turn you into the deadliest hitter on your team, and will make the pitcher respect you at the plate.

- Anthony DiDio - D-backs

The SCX Enforcer is a great bat. It's lightweight with a longer barrel that maintains a smooth balanced feel with absolutely no drag through the zone. You can 'CRUSH' the ball without actually crushing the ball. The Moonshot has helped me reach the Championship game in 3 of the last 4 Fast Plastic National Championships. This bat performs so well, I can continue to perform late into Sundays.

- Mickey Hyde
2005 Fast Plastic National Champions

The Moonshot bat is in my opinion, hands down the best wiffle® ball bat on the market and worth every penny.

- Ernie Bianco
2006 Florida/ FastPlastic NCQ#1 Runner-up

The Moonshot has got an unbelieveable feel! The thin handle construction makes for some really quick swings. This bat will definitely be giving pitchers headaches. It's got a more solid, substantial feel than other bats out there. The bat is absolutely gorgeous; you guys did a great job with the design of this stick.

- Dan Erhardt - Wiffled Wonders

Of every bat I've used the Moonshot gets through the hitting zone the quickest. Solid design that's made to last yet flexible enough to not crush the ball.

- Rob Cotter - Crusaders
Goldenstick Wiffleball League

I have tried almost all the bats out there. None of them compare to the Moonshot Bat. The feel, the pop, the colors, the only wiffle® ball bat I'll ever use.

- Andrew Ledet
Tuttle, OK

I have been using a Moonshot bat for the last five years. The reason I like it is because it swings more like a baseball bat than any other wiffle® bat out there. Absolutely no drag as the bat whips through the strike zone.
Couple that with a 10 ounce bat weight and a solid design, the ball just jumps off of these bats. But hey, you don't have to believe what I say, all you have to do is show up to the National Championships to see what I am talking about.

- Mickey Hyde
2005 Fast Plastic National Champions

I first used the Moonshot Bat at the 2002 National Championship. The Moonshot bat is in my opinion, hands down the best wiffle® ball bat on the market and worth every penny.
It's a durable bat, but don't think you have to get only one. NO they won't break, but they do come in several cool colors.
I'm looking to get back to the National Championship again. I think the Moonshot Bat is a good starting point! Thanks Jared at Moonshot Bats.

- Ernie Bianco
2006 Florida/ FastPlastic NCQ#1 Runner-up (Yard Dogs)

Moonshot, your creation of the Moonshot STiK is by far the greatest weapon for slowpitch Wiffle® ball on the market. I recently hit six homeruns in a row at an event, and in games after that, teams knew to play back on me when I hit.

I love the feel of the new bat. It is more like using a 'real' bat than the yellow bat. I look forward to many years of usage from this great weapon.

- Tim Lush
2009 Diamond Dawgs Ind/Ky

Dear Moonshot, I just wanted to say thank-you for your timely service on getting my bat to me in time for my yearly tournament. When I received the bat (2.75 inch SpectrCarb (SCX) Revolution) and held it for the first time it felt both awesome and weird at the same time. The grip was amazing and it felt like a real bat. The weird feeling came from its lightness and the fact it was for wiffling. It was awesome. My teamates and I loved it. We used it the next day in the tourney I have attended in my home town of Lincoln, Maine for fourteen years. Your bat surpassed anything experience in previous tourney's with any other bat. No folding the bat on a hold up swing. No soft plastic due to the sun. No Having to stick it in the cooler to keep it hard. No cracks from man handling it. No worries about crushing a ball while swinging for the fences. In a nut shell it was awesome. Due to some great team work, pitching, and the SCX, the 'Last Minutes' won this year's championship. Thank-you!

- Adam Boyington
Lincoln, Maine