CFX Enforcer 2.75" Barrel

CFX Enforcer 2.75" Barrel
Price: $ 184.99

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This is a great looking, lightweight stick. It only comes in black with our original yellow and purple logo. It is 100% carbon fiber. This makes it our lightest bat, but also our most rigid bat. This bat will be more likely to implode the ball due to it's rigidity. It is a high tech and expensive bat to produce but doesn't perform like the rest of out bats.

Barrel Diameter - 2.75"
Barrel Length - Straight 20 1/4" barrel for 36.5" bat
Straight 18.0" barrel for 34" bat
Handle Diameter - 7/8"
Handle Length - 10"
Taper - 5 3/4"
Knob Diameter - 1 7/8"
End cap- clear injection molded polycarbonate.
Grip - Lizard Skins DuraSoft Polymer bat grip.
Approximate Weight - 11.7 ounces

If you are looking for the lightest bat in the world then this bat is for you. Made from pure carbon fiber, it's super light and super rigid. The performance/pop is poor with this model due to the rigidity of the material. The wiffle ball tends to implode when used as a competitive fast pitch bat... so we don't recommend this as a fast pitch bat.