MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel

MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Baby Blue
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Black
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Blue
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Chocolate
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Dark Blue
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Grey
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Orange
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Pink
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Plum
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Purple
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Red Brick
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Tan
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - Turquoise
MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel - White
Baby Blue Black Blue Chocolate Dark Blue Grey Orange Pink Plum Purple Red Brick Tan Turquoise White MAGMA REV2 2.75" Barrel
Price: $ 224.99

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Two-tone bats have a darker barrel than handle.

Our new 2.75" REV2 was created to cut thru the zone and substantially increase bat speed without compromising the 2.75" sweet spot on the barrel. We have basically thinned out the middle of the bat to improve weight distribution. This bat was specifically made with the fast pitch GSWL player in mind. When you need every little advantage at the plate, go to the 2.75" REV2.

Barrel Diameter - 2.75"
Barrel Length- Tapered 15"
Handle Diameter - 3/4"
Knob Diameter - 1 7/8"
End cap- clear injection molded polycarbonate.
Grip - Lizard Skins DuraSoft Polymer bat grip.
Shape - Baseball/softball bat hybrid.
Approximate Weight - 10.7 ounces

The Moonshot MAGMA is the latest and greatest from Moonshot. We've taken the melted basalt technology used in Wilson tennis rackets and applied it to our REV2 and Revolution models. This new technology provides more feedback for the player when they make contact... similar to a wooden bat in baseball. It also provides more POP. This really stood out to our performance testers. This improved performance can be attributed to the material itself in the barrel. It can also be attributed to WHIP created by the FLEX between the hands and the head of the bat. You will strike fear in the pitcher's eyes when you combine the speed of the REV2 with the material of the MAGMA.

As usual, Moonshot has outdone themselves yet again with their newest offering: MAGMA. Modeled after what has seen success in the past, MAGMA takes all of these things and adds a new twist. a layer of volcanic material to give the bat greater rigidity and pop. The first thing you'll notice when you grab this bat is the hallmark-silky-smooth swing through the zone. There's no flutter or drag. All things you look for and expect from Moonshot. Once you make contact with the holey ball, though, the NEXT thing you'll notice is the ridiculous POP. I've swung several Moonshot bats throughout my Wiffle career, but this was entirely different. MAGMA looks like your typical Moonshot, and feels like a typical Moonshot. but it hits like a rocket launcher! Even just hitting soft tosses and swinging to get loose, you'll find yourself inadvertently smoking balls to the gap and over the fence. My first batting practice with MAGMA had me genuinely saying 'Wow'. There's THAT much of a difference. In the past, Moonshot has boasted that they offered the best Wiffle Bat on the market. MAGMA is again allowing them to continue that claim. This is THE DEFINITVE Fast Pitch bat for the competitive Wiffler.

- Dan Erhardt
NY Spades