SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel

SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Baby Blue
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Black
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Blue
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Chocolate
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Dark Blue
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Grey
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Orange
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Pink
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Plum
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Purple
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Red Brick
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Rust
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Tan
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - Turquoise
SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel - White
Baby Blue Black Blue Chocolate Dark Blue Grey Orange Pink Plum Purple Red Brick Rust Tan Turquoise White SCX REV2 2.75" Barrel
Price: $ 194.99

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Two-tone bats have a darker barrel than handle.

Our new 2.75" REV2 was created to cut thru the zone and substantially increase bat speed without compromising the 2.75" sweet spot on the barrel. We have basically thinned out the middle of the bat to improve weight distribution. This bat was specifically made with the fast pitch GSWL player in mind. When you need every little advantage at the plate, go to the 2.75" REV2.

Barrel Diameter - 2.75"
Barrel Length- Tapered 15"
Handle Diameter - 3/4"
Knob Diameter - 1 7/8"
End cap- clear injection molded polycarbonate.
Grip - Lizard Skins DuraSoft Polymer bat grip.
Shape - Baseball/softball bat hybrid.
Approximate Weight - 10.7 ounces

Before we developed the Kscx, the SCX was the material of choice. This is our most flexible composite material available. The barrel is literally a springboard for the ball. This bat was the first of its kind... our first composite bat. Using a combination of various materials for a wiffle ball bat was unheard of. We did extensive research and development to create this wiffle ball weapon. The SCX (carbon fiber and spectra) was the foundation for the Kscx and MAGMA models. This is were composites began! Comes in a variety of colors.

In a word, wow. This bat has swept me off of my feet. The feel, the ability to drive the ball, the pop, the speed through the zone, the balance...hold on, I can't breathe.

Okay, I'm back. This bat is flat out phenomenal, and here's why. I go into a bat review with just about any bat with preconceived notions which often get proven true when testing the bat. For example, with the Nerf bat, without seeing it, I figured it would be solid, but have a seriously toy feel; that it probably could be recommended, but wouldn't necessarily be the best bat in the world. What's amazing about the KSCX Rev2 is that I went into the review thinking, "it will never live up to its $200 price tag." It did. Boy, did it ever!

This bat took my thinking and kicked it to the curb. Somehow, the Rev2 convinced me that $200 wasn't much for what you were getting with this bat. I like it significantly better than any other bat I've swung with Wiffle® balls. And with Blitzballs, forget about it, there isn't a better combo out there.

I hate myself for saying this, but really, honestly, you may want to save your pennies and mow a few more lawns this summer, because this bat is THAT GOOD. Forget about any other bat we've reviewed...even the first KSCX Revolution, I don't even want to keep trying new bats, time to take a break and try to wrap my head around this thing. Goodness gracious. Well done, Moonshot. Well done.

- SAHDWiffle