Moonshot Bats for Wiffle® Ball

Dear Moonshot, I just wanted to say thank-you for your timely service on getting my bat to me in time for my yearly tournament. When I received the bat (2.75 inch SpectrCarb (SCX) Revolution) and held it for the first time it felt both awesome and weird at the same time. The grip was amazing and it felt like a real bat. The weird feeling came from its lightness and the fact it was for wiffling. It was awesome. My teamates and I loved it. We used it the next day in the tourney I have attended in my home town of Lincoln, Maine for fourteen years. Your bat surpassed anything experience in previous tourney's with any other bat. No folding the bat on a hold up swing. No soft plastic due to the sun. No Having to stick it in the cooler to keep it hard. No cracks from man handling it. No worries about crushing a ball while swinging for the fences. In a nut shell it was awesome. Due to some great team work, pitching, and the SCX, the 'Last Minutes' won this year's championship. Thank-you!

~Adam Boyington

The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK 1 5/8" Barrel
The STiK