About Moonshot Bats


  • REV2: The REV2 is the bat of choice for competetive fast pitch Wiffle® Ball. It cuts through the zone like no other. No drag or delay. It has a nice 2.75" barrel with an amazing sweet spot. It's thin through the middle of the bat which increases hand/bat speed and allows for better contact with the ball. This is critical when playing competitive fast pitch. The REV2 is available in the K12, CFleX, FleX, MAGMA, Kscx, SCX, EFX and CFX.
  • Revolution: Before we came out with the REV2, the Revolution was the most popular shape. It's a blend of speed and power. This shape is appropriate for medium to fast pitch competetive Wiffle® Ball. It's thicker than the REV2 through the middle of the bat, which slows the head of the bat through the zone but gives you more barrel to make better contact. It's common to shorten the length of this bat to increase bat speed if playing competetive fast pitch. The Revolution is available in the K12, CFleX, FleX, MAGMA, Kscx, SCX, EFX and CFX.
  • Enforcer: The name of this bat is fitting. With this bat you are "enforcing" the strike zone. This bat has poor bat speed due to the shape and size of the bat... but, it provides a massive sweet spot with the long thick barrel. The shape of this bat is similar to a softball bat's shape. This bat is appropriate for medium-fast pitch Wiffle® Ball. It's common to shorten the length of this bat to increase bat speed. The Enforcer is available in the K12, CFleX, FleX, Kscx, SCX, EFX and CFX.
  • The STiK: The STiK is easily the greatest slow-medium pitch bat for Wiffle® Ball in the world. Nothing compares! This bat was created for players that are required to use a thin barrel, similar to the yellow plastic bat made by The Wiffle Ball, Inc. The STiK is available in the K12, CFleX, FleX, VRX, BAX, and the original.


  • K12:

  • CFleX:

  • FleX:

  • MAGMA:

    The Moonshot MAGMA is the latest and greatest from Moonshot. We've taken the melted basalt technology used in Wilson tennis rackets and applied it to our REV2 and Revolution models. This new technology provides more feedback for the player when they make contact... similar to a wooden bat in baseball. It also provides more POP. This really stood out to our performance testers. This improved performance can be attributed to the material itself in the barrel. It can also be attributed to WHIP created by the FLEX between the hands and the head of the bat. You will strike fear in the pitcher's eyes when you combine the speed of the REV2 with the material of the MAGMA. Comes in a variety of colors.

  • Kscx:

    Before we developed The MAGMA, the Kscx was the material of choice. Its amazing performance has given it the title of "greatest wiffle ball bat in the world." The combination of kevlar, carbon fiber and spectra has been a proven success. Most choose the REV2 shape with this material. Comes in a variety of colors.

  • SCX:

    Before we developed the Kscx, the SCX was the material of choice. This is our most flexible composite material available. The barrel is literally a springboard for the ball. This bat was the first of its kind... our first composite bat. Using a combination of various materials for a wiffle ball bat was unheard of. We did extensive research and development to create this wiffle ball weapon. The SCX (carbon fiber and spectra) was the foundation for the Kscx and MAGMA models. This is were composites began! Comes in a variety of colors.

  • EFX:

    The EFX is a dream bat for the backyard bomber! It has excellent weight distribution. Excellent pop/performance. It's the material (elastic fiberglass) that put Moonshot Bats on the map. It has over a 12 year history of success. We don't recommend this material for the competitive fast pitch wiffler mainly due to the overall weight. Comes in a variety of colors.

  • CFX:

    If you are looking for the lightest bat in the world then this bat is for you. Made from pure carbon fiber, it's super light and super rigid and... only comes in black. The performance/pop is poor with this model due to the rigidity of the material. The wiffle ball tends to implode when used as a competitive fast pitch bat... so we don't recommend this as a fast pitch bat.

  • STiK:

    This bat has changed the world of slow-medium pitch wiffle ball. We have more players rave about this bat than any other. We developed this bat because we were tired of hearing people complain. They would say: "we are playing in a slow pitch tourney that only allows thin barrels similar to the plastic yellow bat." So we came out with The STiK a few years ago. This bat is similar to the EFX which is available in the REV2, Revolution and Enforcer shapes. Made with Elastic Fiberglass and Nyglass, you cannot go wrong with this bat. Period! Comes in a variety of colors.

  • STiK VRX:

    This is the latest and greatest from Moonshot Bats for slow-medium pitch. The VRX is pure melted basalt fibers (Volcanic Rock). This is the original STiK on steroids! Better overall weight. Better weight distribution. Better POP. Better feedback. The ball comes off the barrel better, creating optimal backspin, which creates more homeruns... that's a good thing! This bat only comes in black.

  • STiK BAX:

    The BAX is combination of melted basalt fibers, aralone and spectra. We've taken what we have learned over the years of using composites and created a new bat that is hard to beat. This bat is a tough out. It's a bit lighter than the new VRX and the original STiK and has more flexibility in the barrel. Comes in a variety of colors.

What is "Tornado 45" (T45) Technology?


T45 technology is a load similar to a flexible, layered, coil that tightly crosses fibers at a 45 degree angle along the entire length of the bat. The Kscx and SCX models have a thin rigid carbon fiber inner core which runs vertical, while the next two layers of kevlar and spectra are tightly wound against each other at roughly a 45 degree angle. This creates an amazing spring effect as well as enhanced durability. In the past all materials ran vertical along the length of the bat. For the EFX and STiK models elastic fiberglass is used to the same effect. T45 is not available in the CFX model.

Bat Grip

Lizard Skins

All Moonshot bats are now made with Lizard Skins Durasoft Ploymer bat grip. Lizard Skins DSP is unique to the touch with the right combination of softness and tackiness. Lizard Skins reduces vibration and produces a comfortable, cushioned feel. It also reduces stress on the hands and body enabling players to lighten their grip pressure. Learn more